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27 icons [jurassic park, the bourne legacy, yugioh]

I signed up for technique20in20 and it was a lot of fun. Lots of challenges for me, and I really got to flex my coloring muscles. There's explanations for the Resolution icons (11-15). Shout out to the lonely Yu-Gi-Oh! icon oh man. I worked with Ellie from JP and Marta from Bourne Legacy for this, since they're kinda my ladies right now.

[18] Jurassic Park
[8] The Bourne Legacy
[1] Yu-Gi-Oh!

Vibrant Crop
Paint Me Complex B&W Personification Text Unnatural Colors
Glowy Look Extra Neg Space
with Orinial BG
Big Geometric
Not What It Seems Pin Me Up

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5


11. This year I really want to get a better grasp on my use of textures. I've always been fairly good at using them on a large scale, i.e. tumblr, but on a small scale I'm not too strong with them. So this year, I'd like to push myself to really get better at utilizing textures in conjunction with unique composition.

12. I'd like to work with levels in my icons this year. I've always admired icons with repeating images or levels of images and I've never been too confident with my own skill. So I started out small and I'm gonna work my way up.

13. Silhouettes are a favorite of mine, and creating my own (in this case using gradient maps and brightness/contrast levels) is something I'd like to work on. This also incorporates my desire to use text better this year, too.

14. More text use, but also some comedy? Making icons that are a little bit on the joking side that incorporate some style in them as well. My icons tend to stay pretty serious, so I'd like to shake things up a bit.

15. Different compositions and coloring, here. I'm not sure I really like this icon, but I kinda put a stupid amount of work into it, for some reason, and it was supposed to look way better in my head. But the point of this one is to improve composition this year.

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