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er hello

so this is the same person as blackberrypies -- this was my old account and it was the one i had the most traction with and so i decided to kind of return to it. just posting this here, for your reference. tah-dah. i'm going to try and make icons. we'll see. 
bourne | warrior queen

27 icons [jurassic park, the bourne legacy, yugioh]

I signed up for technique20in20 and it was a lot of fun. Lots of challenges for me, and I really got to flex my coloring muscles. There's explanations for the Resolution icons (11-15). Shout out to the lonely Yu-Gi-Oh! icon oh man. I worked with Ellie from JP and Marta from Bourne Legacy for this, since they're kinda my ladies right now.

[18] Jurassic Park
[8] The Bourne Legacy
[1] Yu-Gi-Oh!

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h&g | you're the only answer i need

36 icons [bob's burgers, marvel, the hunger games, hansel & gretel, jurassic park]

[25] Bob's Burgers
[2] The Hunger Games
[3] Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
[1] Jurassic Park
[5] Marvel

Another set of icons! The Tina icons are for character20n20, a few of the miscellaneous were for elite_inspired, and the Marvel icons are for comics_ic. Enjoy!

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